A nice cup of tea

If there is anything that makes my British-ness stand out, it is my love of a nice, hot, strong cup of tea. When we have visitors from the UK I usually request they bring some Yorkshire Tea, some Tetley and some Irish Breakfast tea. There is nothing quite like a tea bag from my homeland. But being at home most days I found that my love of tea was becoming a bit OTT. Most days at least five cups, followed by restless sleep. No need to wonder why.

Tea drinking had become a bit of a bad habit. Get up, have tea. Get back from school run, have tea. Morning tea time, cup of tea. Lunchtime, why not have a brew? Pick kids up from school, another cup? Why not? Sometimes you don’t realise you have a problem until you look at it like that. At least it’s tea and not vodka, I guess!

Anyway, not one for New Year resolutions I decided in the first week of January after returning from our summer holiday to cut out caffeine. So this meant the tea needed to go, along with my love for the occasional ice cold, full sugar, full caffeine can of Coca-Cola.

The first five days were hell. The headaches were unbelievable. I wanted to sit in a darkened room while my head pounded and fought my addiction to caffeine. It was those headaches in fact, that made me realise that I was indeed addicted to caffeine. It was a weird feeling. I pushed through though and swapped my extra stong super Ceylone, for water and a loose herbal tea. Mornings were the worst, but my sleep was already better so I wasn’t so tired in the morning and didn’t necessarily need that kick start.

So for six whole weeks I managed NO caffeine whatsoever. Not a drop. It was weird going to the cinema and not drinking coke. Friends thought it odd when they popped the kettle on at their houses and I told them no.

But then my youngest started having sleepless nights again. Nightmares would wake her, she would wake me, I would get her back to sleep, and then I would lie awake for an hour or so. I’m sure I’m not the only one this has happened to. The morning cuppa returned out of necessity, although I’m sure that if I had tried harder I could have resisted. I’m glad to say though that it has stayed at that one cup a day, and not even every day.

Tea doesn’t even as taste as good as it once did to me which is strange. Maybe less tea has meant better taste buds. Who knows? I’m a little bit proud of myself, but it’s only tea.


2 thoughts on “A nice cup of tea

  1. I dropped black tea except for a cup in the morning years ago (and I have Lady Grey with lemon, soooooo English). But I drink a lot of fruit and herbal. Peppermint tea calms the stomach after eating as does liquorice or fennel. So don’t give up hot tea altogether, just switch to other types.


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