“As I got lost along the way…” The art of distraction.

On Sunday I made the decision to delete the Twitter and Snapchat apps off of my phone in order to get some work done. I’m currently working on a boring admin task that pays well and can be done at home when it suits me. Sounds perfect if you are not easily distracted. I manage to distract myself.

It was never a permanent move, just until I got a fair amount done and got ahead of the game. I love both of those social media platforms so there was no way I was saying ‘bye bye’ forever.

So with them gone, Monday was a very productive day, but the problem with working at home is that can be a little lonely. You can’t work solidly for six hours while the children are at school and kindy. I would “reward” myself with a break and put away the washing, or prepare the dinner. Some break! How people work from home long term I do not know. I think I would go crazy.

By Wednesday lunchtime (probably earlier) Twitter had been replaced by text and whatsapp messages to friends. Overuse of Instagram was creeping in. That’s when it occurred to me that I need that connection to the outside world but I just need to limit it and have some willpower about it all.

I miss my group DMs with my “sisters” all around the world. I miss the inane fangirling. I miss snaps from the two Saras (snapchat queens in their own right). I missed discussing a tv programme online as I watched it the other night (live tweeting is fun). It’s not about me broadcasting my every movement and thought online, it’s about engaging and conversing with everyone else’s. There is definitely merit in that.

So where to from here…I’m going to reinstall the Twitter app on my phone and see how it goes. If I get too distracted by it I can always delete it again. It’s not Twitter that’s the distraction, it’s me!


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