“Back For Good”…on getting back to blogging.

I was chatting online with a friend today about writing and was happily doling out the advice as she thought about publishing her own writing. ‘Just write for yourself,’ I said. ‘Write because you enjoy it, not because it’s arduous,’ I said. ‘Don’t worry if nobody’s reading it; if they do that’s a bonus,’ I ended my pep talk. Well I’ve decided to take my own advice and get this blog back on track.

A couple of things I’ve realised…not every post has to be huge. A paragraph or two to form my thoughts for the day will be sufficient. I do need to write on it more regularly though, to get into the habit and to find my voice.

So here I am, ready to go. Thanks to those of you who have hung around waiting, and welcome to any new readers. Hopefully I will entertain you/make you think/give you some ideas/make yourself feel better about yourself as you laugh at my life (delete as necessary).

Here, have a selfie of me with the best snapchat filter ever invented to remind you of who I am:

Enjoy. Jude xx


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