“Once you’ve tasted love”…the true power of social media.

In the last 24 hours I have discovered the real power of social media, the power it has to influence, the power one photograph on social media can have on my life. This is serious business. This is real life.

About 24 hours ago my dear friend who is travelling up the West coast of the USA on holiday sent me a picture of her breakfast in our group DM: a waffle. Seconds later another friend, also in the US posted another pic: another waffle.

I was hungry.

Hungry for waffle.

BUT I had a confession:

Yes, look at the time of that DM. The first thing my fingers typed about yesterday was waffles.

What followed was an onslaught of waffle anecdotes, waffle recipes, waffle, waffle, waffle…now I really wanted one.

So there were three friends in the States telling me how wonderful this sweet, pretty batter was, how it could be breakfast, lunch or dinner and here I was in New Zealand with no waffle.

The search began, the threenager and I went to Kmart home to EVERYTHING, except waffle makers (incidentally I managed to leave there empty handed yesterday…I know!). We went to Living and Giving where the sales assistant just gave me a bit of an odd look, Stevens, no joy. Threenager was flagging as we walked the length of the mall to Farmers, thankfully all the walking made her new shoes flash every step so whinging was limited. No waffle maker on the shelves. How could this be? I inquired at the till, a few taps of the keyboard later, “Yes, we have seven in stock out the back.”

Hallelujah! A waffle maker would be in my hands at last. Waffles for lunch! Already had purchased eggs at the supermarket in anticipation, had maple syrup waiting in the larder at home.

“How much are they?”

A pregnant pause. She looked at her computer screen, “$80.”

“Um, what?”


“Um, maybe I’ll leave it until there’s a sale on.”

I walked away dejectedly, head bowed, threenager honestly asking “why can’t we have waffles for lunch?” She had completely bought into the waffle dream by now too. I broke the news to her, her lip quivered (I may be using artistic licence here a little), “okay mummy, can we have scrambled eggs instead?”

I had no words. I just nodded.

We came home. We ate eggs. They really didn’t cut the mustard. I took to Twitter to inform my friends of the bad news. They took to Amazon to find possible orders of Internet shopping for me. Then a miracle happened. Another friend who only lives around the corner and who I had already arranged to see last night saw my pleas.

The words ‘Jude, we have one in a box somewhere’ lit up my phone screen.

The waffle Gods had answered my prayers. I was going to have waffles, not today but one day soon.

Don’t ever let anyone tell you Twitter isn’t powerful when put to good use!

So from one picture of a waffle in America to waffles for breakfast in my house this morning; that is the true power of social media right there.

Thank you to my social influencers. Thank you to Mel for providing the answer that really mattered. 

I wonder how else you lot are going to influence me in future…

PS I love waffles. They are as good as you made me imagine they would be xx



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