“Go gentle through your life…When you need me I’ll be there for you”…To my daughter, on the eve of your 5th birthday.

We always wanted you. We always hoped you would be here. You kept us waiting; waiting so long we had almost given up, but you came when you were ready. That is something that I have learnt is part of your personality. You only do things when you are ready, when you know you are going to get it perfect first time. You observe, you listen, you learn, and then only when you understand, you do and get it right first time. You kept us waiting then and when you finally arrived five years ago you were perfect; you were you.

Elsie_her first 11 days 006

And so tomorrow you will turn five. Where those five years have gone I do not know. Your first smile, your first words, your first steps…all those firsts and they are still happening now. I hope that your life is full of “firsts”. That way I know you will constantly be learning, changing, developing; being the “you” you want to be.

When you start school next week I will miss you but I know that you are ready. You are excited and I love that. You are keen to learn and I hope that love of learning never leaves you. I hope that is one thing I have instilled in you already in your five short years.


Be curious, explore.

Make friends, be kind.

Take challenges, be brave.

Work hard, play hard.

Be who you want to be.


Life will not always be easy, there will be challenges. You will not always get what you want. You will have to work hard for some things, you will need to stand up for what you believe at times. We will not always get on, but know that I will always love you and always be here for you, through the good and the bad.


But the one thing I really want you to do is enjoy your life. Now it is your chance to make more decisions, to have more independence. I hope we can help you learn how to make good decisions. You are only five, you don’t need the weight of the world on your shoulders; have fun.

I am so proud of who you have become in the last five years and I can’t wait to see who you become in the rest of your life. Every day I ask myself how we made something so perfect. I find myself still checking you have ten fingers and ten toes every now and then, for you will always be my baby.

Happy Birthday sweetheart. I am proud to be your mummy. Now and forever.



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