“Rejoice the day, the day the work is done”…the making and breaking of habits.

Apparently it is a myth that you can form a new habit in 21 days. From what I’ve read, from my extensive Google search of course, this may well be the case for something simple like drinking a glass of water in the morning every day but for most habits and routines that have more psychological effects on us it may take a lot longer. 

For what I’m about to say though the amount of time doesn’t really matter. What I’m going to suggest is that I try to break bad habits rather than create new ones. You still with me?

I reckon if I can break a few bad habits of mine good ones may naturally appear and my life may become a bit better. 

So after some thinking here are a few bad habits I’d like to break:

  • Tweeting first thing in the morning. I am already trying this and have to admit it hasn’t gone completely but I am definitely making progress. It has meant mornings have been a lot less rushed and everyone therefore has been a lot happier. 
  • Drinking a glass of wine or a beer once the girls have gone to bed with the mister. Every now and then, fair enough, but it has definitely become a bad habit. 
  • Putting a movie on when we get back from kindy. This has arisen out of the damned heat of this Auckland summer. I pick the girls up and they are tired and hot after a day of running around and playing hard. We stick the air con and watch a Disney movie. I have to admit I don’t think this is going to go straight away as that humidity shows no sign of leaving soon and we all need it for our sanity, but maybe just a cartoon or not every afternoon. 
  • Running out of steam on a Friday and ending up with takeaway food. If I can get organised I know I can kick this habit. I cook so well the rest of the week, no reason I can’t do it on a Friday too.

So just a few tiny changes. Nothing major. Nothing life changing. But a few changes that will allow more people time, more connection. I’ll see how we go…


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