“If my dragons and demons come out…” Not every day is a good day.

Today I didn’t go to yoga. Today I bought a cream doughnut.

Yesterday was one of those days; one of those days that every stay at home parent has, one of those days that when I started blogging again I said wouldn’t gloss over.

I’ve been having a few of those days lately and I think it’s important to write about it, because I know when I read an honest blog, I feel normal. In fact I’ve stopped reading some blogs that don’t acknowledge that days can sometimes be a little bit shit. Who wants to think everything is perfect and can be captured in an Instagram flat lay?

You see I have a threenager. She has graduated from the troublesome twos and most of the time she is wonderful, but there are some days that you can tell from the minute she wakes up that it will not be a fun day. 

I should chip in here, I’m not looking for answers or solutions. She is just one of those children who has those days!

Yesterday went like this: both girls came through just after six a.m when it was still pitch dark and I was still in a deep sleep, in the middle of a sweet Barlow dream. The day began with moaning and complaints about which side of our bed she could climb in. Then there were complaints about what to have for breakfast, the temperature of the porridge that she eventually opted for, that she wanted milk instead of water, that her big sister was sat on the stool she wanted…you get the picture.

I had walked downstairs, and despite vacuuming last night and not breaking anything for the last month or so, stepped on the tiniest bit of glass. It hurt.

Going well so far?

Then the cat vomited three times because of a fur ball.

The girls thought this hilarious. I wanted to throw up myself.

So the complaints ended for a while and they started playing. You know what’s coming next, the fighting. She wanted everything her big sister had. She wanted it now.

Have you got a headache just reading this yet?

Anyway, I’ll skip forward a bit. Went to a friend’s house for a play date; My threenager hadn’t seen her friend for a fortnight, she was so excited. Clearly so excited about fighting with her friend too. Not the whole time, I’m hastened to add and there was some respite but it was kind of a relief that it wasn’t just her family she was after today!

Now this is bad timing based on her mood but we needed to do the supermarket shop. After a long weekend here the fridge was pretty bare. Mushrooms, pickled onions and parsley do not make a pretty meal for a family of four.

It wasn’t fun. It wasn’t pretty. I cried to stop myself from screaming. 

And to the person who said “oh, at least she’s cute” while she was having a tantrum, shut up and go away…that’s what that look I was giving you was saying.

So we got enough food to survive and came home. Of course she fell asleep in the car at 3pm. Of course she did because she was tired. She was tired because she got up too early. She was grumpy because she was tired. 

We ALL know the cycle because these days happen and we need to talk about them. We need to talk about them otherwise we will think it’s just us that it’s happening to that’s simply not the case.

So back to today. Last night we asked the girls to stay in their room until it was daylight this morning. Anything is worth a try, right? My threenager got up at 7 and the eldest slept until 7.30, my husband was late for work.

The morning was happiness, singing, dancing, eating nicely, getting dressed when asked. It was a perfect morning.

Today they are at kindy and I took the opportunity to have time for me. That’s where the cream doughnut came in. Because every now and then, everyone needs a “doughnut day”.


2 thoughts on ““If my dragons and demons come out…” Not every day is a good day.

  1. Some days are definitely doughnut days! Hang in there babe – some days are TOUGH (especially when you have to go grocery shopping as well!) but you’re doing a great job of keeping your tiny humans alive and well so far, so I’d call that a win!


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