“Shut my eyes I feel alive…” A update on my fitness progress.

A week has passed since I made my good intentions clear and to be honest it has gone better than I thought.

On Tuesday I took the girls to a trampoline park. We normally go with a friend and her children but this week my friend suggested we jumped with them. I hesitated at first but then thought, why not? On a previous visit we had witnessed a grandma bouncing bra free (that must have hurt!) so I prepared well with sports bra and two Lycra tops and a tena lady (we’ve decided they should hold an exercise class for mothers there called ‘Boobs and Bladders’!) and headed off for our pre booked 10am session. 

As it is the school holidays here it was a lot busier than normal but it’s never too packed. We all bounced for the whole hour. A few stops here and there when kids fell over their own feet or got hit by bouncing balls, but we jumped until our hearts were content. It was great fun and it certainly got the heart going.

On Wednesday I was kid free as they were both at kindy. This is one of the days I’m trying to get into more of a routine (by end of February it will be Monday, Wednesday and Friday). I dropped them off at 9 and headed to the gym for a 9.30 yoga class. Yoga at the gym is never a relaxing affair. It’s about pushing yourself and I did. I really enjoyed it and I was surprised at how flexible I still am. One of the advantages of being short I think.

Yesterday was Saturday so the Mr wasn’t at work so I went to a 9.30 flex class; weights, squats, lunges and abs to music. The instructor was a 66 year old man who knew how to kick out arses. Never judge an instructor before a class! He asked if I’d done this before and I was honest and said I used to do it a long time before. This was one of my regular classes pre kids. 

I was pleasantly surprised with my fitness. I didn’t take it easy on myself but enjoyed the whole hour.

The main thing I’ve learnt this week is that looking after two preschool children, running around doing errands and housework for the past five years has maintained a certain level of fitness. I’m not starting completely from scratch. I’ve a long way to go yet but I’ve started.

Here’s to this continuing!


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